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NYC Administrative Code which is erected at the demolition site. Requirements for demolition permits.

 A complete application shall be filed with the Department, along with all the necessary reports and certifications. (2) The building or structure, or affected part thereof, shall be vacant and unoccupied. (3) All gas, electric, water, steam or other supply lines shall be disconnected and certifications by the respective utility companies or agency to that effect are to be filed pursuant to Administrative Code NYC DOB, 27-168. Where the use of electricity or water is required during demolition, such electric or water lines as are necessary may be maintained provided they are protected as required by the Departments of Building and Environmental Protection; provided

further that the consent of the utility company is filed for the maintenance of the electric service and a certification is filed from the Bureau of Water Supply of the Department of Environment Protection that a permit for the use of water in the demolition has been issued.

(4) The building or structure shall be treated effectively for the extermination of rats and a certification shall file to that effect by a licensed exterminator or the Health Department.

(5) Where a sidewalk bridge is required a permit for its erection shall be obtained and the sidewalk shed erected in accordance with Administrative Code.

(7) A permit will not be issued if the applicant demolition contractor has outstanding violations of the Building Code on other Demolition jobs where such applicant has failed to respond to notices of violation of an administrative tribunal issued for such Violations within the time required by law and has failed to cure such default and/or (ii) has failed to appear on the return date or Dates or any subsequent return date or dates of any summonses issued in a criminal proceeding for such violations and has failed to remedy such non-appearance and/or (iii) has failed to comply with orders to correct such violations and/or has failed to certify such.

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